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Public Planning Meetings

Anderson County / Oconee County

Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

2023 Update

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Definition: Hazard Mitigation is often defined as actions taken to reduce the effects of natural hazards on a place and its population.  The 2023 HMP update entails a comprehensive re-evaluation of all parts of the plan, including hazard profiles, risk assessment, mitigation goals, strategies, and mitigation priorities.


Purpose: The purpose of a mitigation plan is to rationalize the process of determining appropriate hazard mitigation actions. This plan includes a detailed characterization of natural hazards impacting Anderson and Oconee Counties; a risk assessment that describes potential losses to physical assets, people and operations; a set of goals, objectives, strategies and actions that will guide mitigation activities, and a detailed plan for implementing and monitoring the plan.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Meetings for the Hazard Mitigation Plan Update are open to all members of the public.  

Meeting Location

200 Bleckley Street Anderson, SC 29625

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