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LEPC Electronic Filing Information

The Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requires facilities storing any substance for which a safety data sheet (SDS) is required by OSHA and in quantities exceeding the Threshold Planning Quantity (specified for Extremely Hazardous Substance or 10,000 pounds for all other substances) to report these substances to the state, Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC's), and fire departments. The South Carolina State Emergency Response Commission requires an annual submission of a Tier II report due March 1 from qualifying facilities. There are other provisions of the law, and the law itself should be consulted for proper compliance.

The State of South Carolina requires the use of E-Plan to satisfy the state's Tier II reporting requirements. E-Plan is a highly secure, web-based information system that holds facility-specific hazard information from numerous sources. Facilities have to sign up for an account in E-Plan and authorize a user to have access to the system. Facilities can enter information directly into E-Plan or import their Tier II files into the system. The State of South Carolina no longer accepts other reporting methods. E-Plan has online training on its website.

The E-Plan's online Tier II Reporting System will not allow facilities to submit their Tier II data until the Submission Validation Report indicates all required fields are correct and the Uploaded Data to E-Plan has been passed. The system will send an email message to the reporting facility stating their submittal was received, after their Tier II data is submitted. The facility should print the email and sign the Tier II report (PDF) from the E-Plan and file them at the site for a minimum of five years. What if I don't receive an email?

For additional information and to view the Anderson County Code pertaining to the Anderson County Local Emergency Planning Committee, click here.

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