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Billboard Emergency Alert System

With over 85 electronic signs in Anderson County, it is another avenue of emergency notification that can be utilized in times of disasters and  emergencies to inform the public of safety concerns.


With the use of streaming music, mp3 players, and satellite radio channels in vehicles, alerts given over the  radio are sometimes missed.

Businesses sign up with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office by simply  providing emergency contact information and agreeing to post emergency information when needed. The emergency contact information for the business is stored in a reverse notification telephone system. This program is free for the business, and priceless to the community in the event of an emergency or missing person.

When an alert is ordered, the business is contacted by the reverse notification system describing the message to be displayed. When an alert is discontinued, the phone bank calls the businesses and cancels the message. In some circumstances, the alert message asks the business to continue the  alert for a specific time frame.

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